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What Is a Caricature and Why It Is the Perfect Gift for Everyone

What Is a Caricature and Why It Is the Perfect Gift for Everyone

We have all scratched our heads wondering what could be the perfect present that would be both unique and quirky.

If you are gifting someone who is extremely difficult to shop for and has all the things you can think of to gift, then we may have the best present for you.

For starters, you can give such ‘have-it-all’ people something that can give them a good laugh. Don’t worry; our gift idea won’t leave a whole burning in your pocket. All you need is to have a meaningful photograph, provide basic details and you will get a hilarious gift ready in no time. Caricatures are truly unique gift ideas and can easily add the benefit of being personalized!

Caricatures make a great, unexpected, and the most unique gift of all time. A personalized caricature gift is a wonderful idea for the following reasons:

1. They can be easily customized

The best part about getting a caricature as a gift is that it is easily customizable. Both you and the artist on Classy Things can work together and select an apt design on what you want your caricature to look. You have the options to get it in black and white or in a color print. You can pick just the upper body or full body, you can choose to have a theme or none, and so much more.

2. It is pretty affordable

Any superhero caricature you find on Classy Things is pretty reasonably priced. You can easily purchase a caricature standee from the website starting at just Rs. 550. If you are looking for a couple caricatures online India has then you can get it in under Rs. 650. This is why caricatures can become a preferred choice of gift for many.

3. It is a unique, expressive present

As we already stated, you can also customize a caricature that features two people, which is why it is an excellent gift for couples too. Gifting your partner a personalized couple caricature, you can add expressive and humorous, and meaningful elements to your special day. If you think a couple caricature is too clichéd or cheesy, you can also include children, grandchildren, pets, or a special one in the artwork.

Why Do Caricatures Make Amazing Gifting Options?

Customized caricature standee
Have you ever found yourself strolling down the street, and your eyes found dedicated artists sketching beautiful landscapes or portraits of tourists? The result - finished caricatures – is both good and amusing, which are then taken home. If the artwork is lucky, it is graced on the wall of the house and noticed every day. If it is unlucky, the recipient usually pops it in a drawer and completely forgets about it.
Now you don’t need to travel abroad to get an unusual caricature gift for you or your loved one! All you gotta do is slip out your phone and order one from the comfort of your own home on Classy Things. In just a few easy steps, you can end up with personalized caricature gifts that are both humorous and outstanding.
Here are some common celebrations that can call for a custom caricature.

1. A special retirement gift

If you have a boss or colleague who is finally ready to pass off the baton, we have the perfect way for you to bid them a proper farewell. Get one of the customized caricatures and be sure to portray at least one of their interests and hobbies in it.

2. The best birthday present

You can have custom caricatures in both ways, simple or complex, just as how you would like. For example, you can add a birthday cake to the figurine, or you can also add a milestone birthday with some other important details.

3. A special something for the wedding

 If your best pals are ready to tie the knot, we have the best gift present that will stand out from the rest of the lot.  For the lovely bride and groom, you can simply customize a caricature with their engagement photos, or you can use a photo from their favorite holiday.  We are certain the newlyweds would love their personalized artwork! 

4. A perfect gift for Christmas

Christmas calls for holidays that we all love to spend with family and friends. On this occasion, you can customize a caricature by showcasing your pet, your entire family or simple Christmas themes. If you are lucky enough to have a favorite photo or memory that you’d like to highlight on this special festive occasion, there’s nothing like it!
Caricatures at Classy Things

Couple Caricature standee

We, at Classy Things, have the skills to create a perfectly personalized caricature gift idea for your special day. With us by your side, you can simply deliver this gift to friends, family, and work colleagues. We promise, your close ones will be able to display your special caricature and laugh over it for years to come.
Putting your head in such a unique present will show them that you have taken the trouble to go out of your way and create a meaningful present instead of visiting your nearest gift shop and get something clichéd like a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers. Your special one will be impressed and touched by your thoughtfulness if you present a personalized caricature cartoon in front of them.

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