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Want to decorate your walls? Here are top 5 mind blowing ideas to begin with!

Want to decorate your walls? Here are top 5 mind blowing ideas to begin with!

Want to give your house a facelift but the budget constraints are hindering your every plan? Don’t worry, we have just the right idea for you that won’t usurp a lot of your efforts nor will leave a hole burning in your pockets.

This blog is going to help you spruce up an empty wall of your house so that you can create a different, more appealing look from it without spending too much money.

To begin with, there’s a lot you can do with an empty wall. Just a few changes here and there, and you will get something magnificent to look at every day. Doesn’t matter if you are a naturalist, art collector, book lover, or simplistic person, we’ve something or the other in-store to make you happy.

Without any further ado, here top wall decor ideas that can add style to your boring dull wall.

1. Full Blown Art

This idea isn’t for the minimalists. But imagine walking into your favorite room and being welcomed by a larger-than-life piece of art. It can be anything- a picture of your favorite destination, your picture, a picture of your favorite car, etc. You can also level this up, to have a larger than life customized wall graced on the wall, which is a reflection of your existing furniture.

An oversized painting, a portrait of a photo wall clock demands attention and sets a style in the house. If you want a large piece that is minimal too, you can opt for something that is in black and white or monochrome. Just make sure it goes well with your existing furniture.

2. Gallery Wall

Do you love collages? If so, you would know how they never really fall out of fashion. This is why another way to spruce your boring house wall is by decorating it with several small pieces that together tell a whole new exciting story. You don’t even have to think much. Just put up a cluster of some favorite miniature pieces that can take you down memory lane. Such a style will instantly add personality and color to your house and make your guests admire the secret designer within you.

3. Mirror it up

It’s time to break the belief that mirrors only belong in bathrooms and bedrooms. If you are living in a small space, then mirrors are your best option to play around, because they give an illusion of a larger space. Mirrors are a quintessential war decor idea because let’s face it, they are not used by everyone. They can make your living room appear more spacious because they reflect light and brighten up the area. If you want to give it a shot, just try hanging a big mirror first. If you like how it looks then you can take the next step and let your creative juices flow out. You can either use a fancy huge mirror on the wall, or you can pin up several small mirrors which give a salon-like look and feel to your space.

4. Install Shelves

Have you ever thought of enhancing the look and feel of your walls by making them a storage entity? Well, installing shelves is a great as well as a unique way to uplift your wall. You can install minimalist shelves painted in a color that compliments the color of your wall. And then you can fill these shelves with some of your favorite items as well. This idea is a great way indeed to improve your home as well as increase space in your living area. And such an idea can go well in any room of your house- be it a kitchen, living room, bathroom as well as bedroom.

If you have nothing significant to mount on these shelves, then you can go with a simple small, personalized wall clock with a photo frame on it. This can also serve as a utility material along with refreshing old, cherished memories.

5. Bringing the Outdoorsy Flora in

Go tropical this summer with a bunch of in-house plants, which you can beautifully hang on your wall, just like you would your personalized photo wall clock. You can create dedicated imagery out of a money plant, you can hand tiny saplings that blossom flowers in small cups across your wall, and so much more. You can also try hanging planters like monstera’s and ferns or wall-mounted planters and bring nature to your space and life to your walls.

The best part about going tropical is that you will get a cool atmosphere and fresh air to breathe! And it is one of the most economic yet unique options to try and spruce up your boring wall.


Wall decorating doesn’t have to be such a big and expensive deal, as long as you know how to go about it. If none of the above options tempt you, go with the classic photo wall clock or even a fancy customized wall clock that you can mount on your wall. And if you are looking for the best-personalized clocks with pictures online, there’s no better place than Over here, you can find a variety of fancy wall clock designs starting at just Rs. 650.

Change your wall. Get set go!

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