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Trending Secret Santa gifts for 2019 under Rs. 500

Trending Secret Santa gifts for 2019 under Rs. 500

The festive season is back again with many more colors and lights and snow. A beautiful moment of snow, cozy weather, and leisure time spending quality time with loved one’s friends and family, with windy climate and early morning and sun dawn evenings. Upon the weary waste of snows, a blazing fire, and Christmas treat, plans are already on its a way for more fun and office party, heated discussion on the celebration, and much more.

It’s December - the season of giving.  December is known around the world as a quality family time of celebration admiring vivid cultures, religions, and traditions that have been with humanity for hundreds of years. A well-known Western Christmas tradition- Secret Santa is now adopted by many Indian companies as well- Office Secret Santa has been a tradition in every office.

A whole team of particular departments or groups are randomly assigned to give them the gifts, and the main rule to play this game is you can’t reveal the name of the person whom you are supposed to gift, it has to be kept secretive. It’s a fun playing game, where everyone enjoys and exchange the gesture of love and happiness.

So this is how it works: Write the name of every participant on a piece of paper. Toss the names into a flask/bowl/hat. Then every participant picks one of the chits and they have to make sure they don’t reveal the name. Later on, all can set the price limit for the gifts and buy’s it respectively. According to everyone’s convenience, all can fix a date to exchange the gifts and later on celebrate Christmas eve. Well, most of them know when you are goofing up. They know their in and out time. They know you well. So, it is necessary to be good at your Secret Santa exchange.

So now the thing is, what do they like and what not? You spend all day with your coworkers, which becomes your second family, you're stuck trying to figure out exactly what the colleague wants and likes that suit in your price range.

Here is where Classy Things plays your role and make it easy for you to choose. Here are a few lists of the gifts that could meet all budgets and choices. From Mobile phone holder to wire cord to clothing, this roundup should take some of the stress out of your shopping experience.

Engraved wallets:

Wallets may not be an original idea, but making it personalized will add the flavor of personal touch and the other person would surely not be expecting the customized gifts. Wallets nowadays come in so many different styles, with different badges, colors, patterns. Check out all the collection of personalized wallets at Classy Things.

Wire Holder:

Untangling the cables can take a lot of time, but what if there's a holder for that which keeps it sane at all hours? Most times when earphones start malfunctioning, it is because the cable has been misused. It is vital to keep your cords tangle-free and to make sure that they last longer, choose the pocket-friendly wire holders available at Classy Things, a smart accessory for all your favourite earphones and other cords, like a charger. That’s where you gift a cord keeper that simples the life of handling the wires.

Customized t-shirts:

Looking for something trendy and fashionable? The best gift you can gift is a customized t-shirt. Easy to wear and at affordable prices. Classy Things has you covered. Our website is your destination to find all things comfortable and stylish. Ranging from graphic tees to fashionable printed styles, our range of women t-shirts will do justice to your wardrobe needs.

Phone cover:

A phone cover is a must-have accessory that expresses itself. It comes into various designs and for every latest smartphone. We at classy things help you with a huge range of mobile covers for the users.

Pop Holders:

If you are not close to the person, this can be the easiest gift you can think of. A pop socket holder is a very useful and stylish accessory for your Smartphone that allows you to use your phone more safely. With this grip pop holder, you can take a picture easily, watch videos on the go, or you can text even with one hand as it gives you a better grip. What better can be as a gift for Secret Santa.

Sunglass Holder:

There are no such things as too many pairs of sunglasses. So for that, you surely need a case to protect it. It is necessary to prevent it from scratches and damage. And the cherry on the cake would be the case can be personalized. Make the case just for yourself noting your name on it or some designs engraved on the case. Check out color options of personalized sunglass holder at Classy Things.

Luggage Tag:

If someone is a vivid traveler, this is the great gift you can think of. Classy Things bag tags are great for all travel needs and can be attached to backpacks, duffle bags, and other travel gear. Check out the collection of personalized luggage tags at Classy Things.

Passport Cover:

Whoever you got for Secret Santa, they would surely love to travel. One of the most important things to remember while traveling is to keep everything handy. People usually like to travel hence and forth. Passport cover can help them keep their passports, cards, and documents handy during the time of boarding.

Sling Bag:

Sling bags are girl's favorite accessory. It’s a fashion for them. So gifting sling bag won’t be a bad idea at all. Classy Things slings are perfect gifting options that will look great on anyone with every outfit they wear. (Sporty, casual look, party) If you feel like you can even snag one for yourself!! Check out the collections of sling bag at Classy Things.

Key Chain:

Possibly the chances are, your Secret Santa contender might have lost the key, it’s a good idea to gift a keychain and they’ll remember you forever. Even highly possible they might have got a new vehicle; your personalized keychain will double happiness for them.

No matter what you give and get this Christmas, it’s time to have much fun, laughter, and most importantly love your colleagues. It is rightly said, December you are the last one, so be the best one. So, make it best for you and for others by spreading love and laughter


Classy Things wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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