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Top 5 Photo Frame Designs to Add a Spark to Your House Walls

Top 5 Photo Frame Designs to Add a Spark to Your House Walls

Is your house plagued with boring walls? Well, cheer up because we have got something that can change the look of your house in almost no time. We have a simple and effective way to transform the walls of your house.

We are not going to recommend investing inexpensive wall art, paint, or wallpapers. Instead, we have another mind-blowing option that you can utilize to give your walls a facelift.

Photo frames are an excellent way to lighten up the dull dead appearance of your walls. If you like this idea, we may have some wonderful suggestions you can incorporate to make your thoughts a reality.

Do not you worry, you will not need any special lessons on carpentry to mount photo frames on your wall. It is just a matter of drilling a few holes into the wall, and voila you are done.

But that is not the big catch. Decorating your walls is not just about piercing holes in them and mounting frames on them. To make it look excellent and stunning, you will have to think a little more than that.

Instead of decorating your walls wherever your heart feels like, we suggest you plan the process out well before you start with all the drillings.

Personalized Photo Frame Ideas for Your Home

Here is a list of some of the best custom photo frames that can totally change the look of your walls:

1.Black and White on Canvas

Do you have any of those special photos that are not obvious yet very intriguing and mystical when you look at them?

A photo of the rainforest, some abstract Indian design or some geometrical patterns can be well displayed through this method.

To take it a notch higher, you can also plan out a black and white collage printed artfully on canvas to bring out your taste. You can use this technique to artistically blend scenery or a pattern that is close to your heart.

Now if you have an image that means a lot to you but it is kind of personal, you can use that as well. For such personal references, just be sure to display your custom picture frames on your bedroom walls instead of your living room.

2.Colorful Margins

The second idea again contains a collage of your favorite images telling an all-new story, but the only difference is that they are encased within frames that have vivid, colorful margins.

Now, this type of style gives more of a jazzy, vivacious appearance, so if you are all about minimalism and contemporary look and feel, we suggest you choose the first option.

But if you want the walls of your house to shout ‘this house belongs to a creative personality there’s nothing better than custom photo frames with colorful margins.

Now, these margins will appear more eye-catching, you can frame some powerful quotations, magazine cutouts, or some unique DIY art to mount on your walls.

The best place to have such vivid frames in your hallway or the living room. If any of these areas have a pastel background with subdued color, having such colored margins will have a pleasant outburst of colors.

3. Decorate Your Stairways

If you have the luxury of living in a spacious home, which place would you say is the most underused area in your house? Of course, it must be your stairways.

Now, we are not asking you to stock your stairways with items, but there’s something you can surely do about the dull wall that runs parallel to it.

Staircase indeed is a great place to put up your photo collages.

For example, if you are just starting a family, you can consider putting a timeline (a family tree) of sorts in the form of a chain of photo collages to make a story out of it.

4. Polaroids

If personalized picture frames get too much for you, and you want something simple yet exotic to grace your walls, there is nothing better than polaroid’s.

There is some hidden charm about polaroid’s that simply shouts beauty, isn’t it?

If you want to pick a bohemian decor style, then polaroid collages are the best way to go about it.

Again, if you feel the look is way too casual for your living room, you can display it in your bedroom to give it a more personal touch.

If it is for your bedroom, then we suggest getting personalized picture frames for couples so that it looks both romantic and tasteful at the same time.

5. Film Strip Photo Frames

If you truly love classics, and you live to watch black and white images take life in front of you, then film strips are the best way to add a sense of timelessness to your images before you mount them on the wall.

These kinds of photos can also be encased within happy anniversary photo frames that can have a dedicated place over the countertop of your favorite table

This classic film strip picture pattern is so versatile, you can use it for weddings, anniversaries, graduation, or any other event. Conclusion

Frames are indeed a brilliant way to make or break your house’s furniture. By displaying memories of images that mean the world to you, you as a host, make an unannounced statement to your guests.


If you want to leave certain words unspoken, the best way to make them resonate is to immortalize them in photo frames.


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