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The Classy and Honest clothing brand recommendation that will change you FOREVER

The Classy and Honest clothing brand recommendation that will change you FOREVER

This is the ultimate classy and affordable fashion guide for looking extremely classy in India.
Looking attractive when it comes to your clothing is all about selecting the right type of clothing.
In this article, we will be going to cover –

  1. The Formal Look
  2. The Party Look
  3. The Casual Look

In this article, you will be getting some very good quality and honest brand recommendations when it comes to select clothes from the large pool of brands available. The first piece of formal wear you should own is high-end black leather shoes. The brands that you need to consider while purchasing some high end black formal shoes are

            A. Aldo
            B. Hushpuppies
            C. Teakwood Leather

On the lower side, you can get shoes starting from the range of 2.5k. Ideally, you should go for an expensive brand while purchasing black formal shoes because it is a one-time investment, and it is something that you are going to wear very often if you are in a corporate environment or you go for a lot of meetings. Therefore ideally you should go for an expensive brand. Apart from this, you can also go for brown formal or semi-formal shoes from these above-mentioned brands.

But if you wanna go for budget-friendly options then you should go for

            A. Koovs
            B. Bata
            C. Myntra (and all the online shopping websites)
Coming to the belts you should buy it from the same place where you have bought your shoes.

Then we approach the next question which is where do you buy your shirts and trousers?
In this case, always focus on quality over quantity you don’t need too many formal pieces of clothing, Ideally, give priority to higher-end brands.

blue color jeans and shirt for young stylish me blue color jeans and shirt for young stylish me


You will find some absolute fantastic simple and elegant looking options at these brands but we will also let you know the budget-friendly options

            A. Peter England
            B. Arrow

Some people will not consider these brands as budget-friendly but ideally when you are speaking about formal wear you are going to wear these clothes in-office meetings. Therefore you should invest a little bit more in these types of clothes.
Very importantly…..
We have to talk about watches. Ideally, this should be one of your biggest investments as a guy when we are talking about investing in your clothes. Try purchasing a good metal watch that has a black finish that’s one of the most versatile options in the world.

You can wear these types of watches in casual and semi-formal clothing but if you got a budget to spend on then below are the brands

silver color wrist watch with black finish

            A. Calvin Klein
            B. Tag Heuer
            C. Fossil
            D. Tommy Hilfiger
            E. Seiko

Now that sums up our complete formal look.

Let’s hop on to our next topic which is –

The Party Look

young girls in party outfit enjoying themselves

In the party look, of course, we are going to talk about shirts, shoes but mainly we are also going to talk about which many Indian men neglect is selecting their pants. Don’t go for formal pants when you are going to a party and avoid wearing jeans. When you are going for a party which is a smart elegant formal occasion go for Chinos think about the brands such as –
            A. Allen Solly
            B. UCB
            C. Zara
            D. Marks and Spencers
            E. Louis Philippe
These are the brands where you should buy your chinos some of them might have different sizes of thigh areas some of them might have different cuts in the bottom and also they might be made of different materials. So the basic guidelines while purchasing chinos are always trying different brands and once you figure out that you like a chino of  a particular brand then buy it in different colors, but for now just concentrate on finding your right brand.

Coming to the shirts go for the exact same brands which are mentioned in the formal dressing look category. But also keep in mind don’t go for boring formal colors such as light pink, light purple also white in some cases. Try a little bit adventurous !!!
Pro Tip – Try picking up dark colors if you are going to a party dark colors is a way to go unless it’s a day time party at that time you should wear lighter colors.

Go for dark colors go for textures and if you want you can go for a shirt with a little bit of personality, but what does personality means it means adding patterns having a little bit of piping done in your shirt.

The Casual Look

polo t-shirts for young men wearing it for casual day

It is somewhere between a t-shirt and a shirt which is known as a polo t-shirt which is perfect for dates, perfect for lunches, perfect for any situation where you don’t wanna look completely like a child and you don’t wanna look that you are in a work mode either. When you are shopping for polos there are two ground rules

  • Look for two or max three-color polos (it should be one solid color and maybe one
    or three-color to bring out that internal color)
  • Don’t chase quantity instead chase quality

Look for this kind of brands while purchasing a polo

            A. French Connection
            B. United Color of Benetton
            C. Zara
            D. U.S Polo

Now next we have to talk about our jeans which are the core of any wardrobe in the world. One pair of deep blue jeans will do the work. These are the jeans brand which you should go for

            A. Lee Cooper
            B. Levis
            C. Killer
            D. Spyker
            E. Zara

Definealty invest a little bit more in a pair of deep blue jeans but why you may think because of its versatility and it goes with each and every outfit.
That was it guys hope that now you can understand how you can spend a little bit and look sexy and if you wanna go for any customized bags or accessories you can definitely check out classy things they sell some amazing customized accessories and gifts online.

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