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Thank You, Dad, for Everything: A father’s Day Blog.

Thank You, Dad, for Everything: A father’s Day Blog.

The celebration of Father’s Day reminds us of both the importance and the challenges of fatherhood. As a child, it is indeed we have a certain bias towards our mothers more than to our fathers although, fathers have the cultural image of breadwinner, disciplinarian, authority figure. When you were growing up, how often did you hear your mother say, “just wait until your father gets home!” If we look at our culture it has always put our fathers into a very challenging role.

Well before we go into the Father’s Day Blog let’s look at the brief history of Father’s Day


Father’s Day was proposed by a lady named Sonora Smart Dodd in 1909 to honor her father, a war veteran, and widower who raised six children on his own. In Spokane, Washington, where Dodd lived, ministers gave sermons honoring dads on the third Sunday in June. But nobody cared — even Dodd lost interest for a couple of years. Father’s Day didn’t begin to catch on until the 1930s, when, consistent with historian Leigh Eric Schmidt, various associations of menswear retailers, dry-goods merchants, clothiers, furnishers, and tobacco distributors banded together to make the National Council for the Promotion of Father’s Day. The council wanted to form Father’s Day a “Second Christmas…for the sales of men’s wear gifts.” Mother’s Day had been a legal holiday since 1914, and therefore the various business associations figured it had been time they cashed in. Nevertheless, Dad’s Day didn’t garner enough support to become official until 1972, when Nixon signed it into law.


Often Fathers too feel the burden of responsibility


As a father, it is as if embedded into our DNA that they should not show the burden of responsibilities they face. That sometimes interferes with both their ability to precise affection and our ability to acknowledge it. Luckily, our culture is changing, and more fathers are involved in parenting directly and intimately. We have seen in some places that now fathers take paternal leave when a child is born in their home. They also understand the importance of play with their children in the evenings and on weekends.

It is seen that we are changing the perception of what “family” means to a greater extent. Some of us have had the pleasure of being a godfather or “father figure” to younger relations who may have lost their biological father.

Many of the children not in India but in many developed countries have grown up with single parents. We have learned that it’s the love, care, and presence that define fatherhood.

Today’s children acknowledge and appreciate their fathers and father figures, who play a crucial role in their lives, be it emotionally, mentally, or maybe financially. On today children understand the importance of the role of a father in one’s life. This day acknowledges the contribution of fathers to their own families and society at large. Children buy or make presents for their father or father-like figure, write and draw cards, and spend the day engaging in activities that will be enjoyed with one’s father, be it hiking, fishing, or just sitting around watching some television. In India especially, most kids have a closer bond with their mothers, so this day helps forge a closer relationship with one’s dad.

Don’t limit it to only Fathers

Of course, on Father’s Day, we should honor fathers as well as our brothers, uncles, or any important male figure in your life. We often forget the sacrifices and contributions our fathers and male figures have made in our lives. Father’s Day gives us the chance to precise our love, adoration, and gratitude to those special people.

On Father’s Day, show these deserving men the special place they have in your life and what influence they have on you. However, it's remarkable to notice that the thought of observing each day in honor of fathers has been appreciated by Indians to an outsized extent. Millions of people in India observe Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June by expressing gratitude for their father or men like fathers.

The idea behind such programs is to inspire children to pay due to reference to their dad and look out for them. Fathers are also encouraged to spend quality time with their children and instil in them noble values and manners.

The idea of a big day to celebrate and honor fatherhood was first introduced within us. In the US, Father’s Day has been celebrated since June 1910. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June per annum.


It’s a day that takes pride in appreciating the contributions of a father and the sacrifices that he makes for his child. Often, the sacrifices that a father makes go unnoticed, and more often his love and look after his child is ignored and not valued by society.


We can’t be in this world without our fathers. They have always been that one reliable man in our lives, and that they have always treated us with a stern yet loving hand.

We have always looked up to them as an inspiration through the years. We will never cease to follow in their footsteps and will always make the right decision as they have taught us.

Don’t just Wish on Father’s Day

Many children on the day of Father’s Day normally wish their fathers. We suggest you should gift him something which will make his day more valuable. You can normally gift anything be it a cake, a dairy, or a pen for him, but if you want to make his day inherently memorable we suggest you look at the father’s day gift section on our classy things it will surely be a gift which we will remember and cherish forever.


Make sure you spend your entire day with your family and at the last have a good time guys

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