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Say No to Tobacco

Say No to Tobacco

Every year WHO organizes World No Tobacco Day. The campaign mainly revolves around empowering youth around the worldto face up to industry manipulation by shedding light on the impacts of tobacco on children from the risks of exposure to both first and secondhand smoke to the strategic marketing campaigns that focus on youths. Though World No Tobacco Day is meant to extend awareness against tobacco use, many individuals ignore the message. Do you consider World No Tobacco Day seriously?

According to a report published by the planet Health Organisation (WHO), tobacco kills quite 1 million people a day . Approximately 9.5% of the entire deaths recorded in India were thanks to tobacco usage. The most common ailment of tobacco use is cardiovascular diseases (CVDs)

Despite these numbers, 266.8 million people are either active tobacco users or are exposed to second-hand smoke and face an increased chance of cardiovascular diseases. As per a survey conducted by GATS ( Global Adult Tobacco Survey), the amount of tobacco users in India went as high as 28.6% of the adult population.

Major Tobacco products include – Cigarettes, Cigars, Little Cigars, Cigarillos, Dissolvable Products like lozenges, strips, or sticks Electronic Cigarettes also mentioned as Vape Pen, e-Hookah, Hookah Pen or Traditional Smokeless Tobacco Products like cured tobacco within the sort of loose-leaf, plug, or twist. Tobacco smoke contains on the brink of 4000 chemicals, 40 of which are known carcinogens or Cancer causing.

There are pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions through which smoking cessation can be achieved. They are as follows:

Improved health

Filters, Smoking deterrents, nicotine drinks, lollipops, straws, and lip balms, hypnosis, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, herbs, and supplements, etc. help control the nicotine cravings. Make use of social media to satisfy people and discuss their success stories. Smoke-free websites, Live Help through Online chats, making use of information and self-help material, and advice to group therapy or individual counseling in person, by phone, or online -give a massive boost to an individual’s resolve to quit smoking.

You cannot ignore the harmful effects of tobacco consumption. You can, however, take a positive step and choose your health over tobacco and its ill effects.

Better insurability:

Both life assurance and insurance policies are suffering from your tobacco consumption. If you consume tobacco, the premiums under both these policies increase. Moreover, the insurance firm may additionally pose a restriction on the coverage features making the scope of the policy limited. So, abandoning tobacco also helps in improving your insurability and, once more , helps you in saving money on the premium outgoes.

Financial Freedom:


Just imagine the amount of money you could save if you guys just take the leap of faith and stop smoking. Smoking isn't only hazardous to your health but also can burn an enormous hole in your pocket. The day-to-day cost of shopping for cigarettes might not pinch you much but the value over the future are often substantial.

Suppose, a 25-year-old smokes 10 cigarettes of ₹ 13 each each day . This costs him/her ₹ 130 per day and ₹ 3,900 per month. If we assume that the price of cigarettes will increase at the rate of 10 percent, the person would have smoked cigarettes worth ₹ 1.27 crore by the time he/she turns 60.

This is the absolute cost. The opportunity cost is much higher. Opportunity cost is that the return that a smoker will forgo by not investing this money.

If a person aged 25 would have invested ₹ 3,900 per month and increased the same by 10 percent every year, he or she could have accumulated a corpus of ₹ 3.37 crore for retirement at the age of 60. This is based on the assumption that the person would have invested the money in an instrument that would have given a return of 8 percent over the long term.

This is whooping  ₹ 3.37 crore you can save guys by just taking the step to quit smoking. What you can do with all the money which you have saved. Let us give you a suggestion you can comfortably visit Switzerland almost thrice a year without getting any financial strain and if you are going for us a lavish country for vacation then you guys definitely need a customized passport cover that will make you stand apart from the crowd.

With all these benefits of a tobacco-free life, don’t you think giving up tobacco is in your best interests?

So, this World No Tobacco Day, take a pledge to offer up tobacco. Though the process might be slow, at least it would be a start. Remind yourself of all the advantages of living a tobacco-free life and any temptations that you simply face would slowly melt away.

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