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Five Things women will always love

Five Things women will always love

If you are a man then it’s your duty or maybe you can say it as it is your responsibility. If
you are someone who thinks that women prefer looks or whether they prefer manners or personality. I assure you that manners and personality matter ten times more than looks. So in this blog, we will teach you five habits that will instantly make you more attractive to women.
Let’s think of manners as a language a code of conduct or a set of actions that you need to learn to do in certain situations. If you learn manners well you will come out as sexier, more sophisticated, and obviously more polite. If you are a guy you definitely need to learn these actions.

Let’s start with elementary basics

young kid learning about manners

young kid learning about manners

Elementary basics are the manners that you learn for the first time in your kindergarten. When you were in a small standard your teacher may have taught you these basic manners but due to an overload of information, you may not remember it now. Firstly use the word Thank You when you are genuinely appreciating someone’s help. Learn to say thank you more. Even say thank you for the smallest of things. That will make you come off as a more polite and gentle person. For example when a waiter is taking your order or someone passed you something at a dinner table or even if someone is just holding the
door open for you learn to say THANK YOU much more often.

Excuse Me – When you want to get someone’s attention or even if you just want to get to a place super quick and someone is in your way.
Pardon Me – Its a polite way of saying I was unable to hear you.
Please – If you want something intensely and you don’t want to come off as rude or if you are at a fancy restaurant or a fancy dinner and you don’t wanna come off as desperate for example you could say could you pass the chicken soup, please

I am Sorry – Apologizing! learn to use an apology often enough and you will come off as more polished and polite than usual. For example, if have pushed someone while walking or you have stepped on someone’s foot by mistake learn to say I am Sorry. But remember don’t say I am sorry so often that you come off as submissive .

Restaurant Manners

etiquttes of restaurant on how to start your food

It is one of the vastest topics the kind of rules you need to follow when you are out for lunch dinner or even if you are having lunch or dinner at home. You might be eating like an absolute Jungli but always remember on a date you have to behave very well. When you are approaching a table where you are sitting pull out a chair for your lady. When you are starting to eat make sure you place your napkin on your lap. Now, remember the fork and knife rule. Always pick up the Knife with your right hand and use the fork with your left hand.

Walking Style

couples holding hand and walking together in same pace

In this section, you will learn how you need to interact with the lady’s movements. If you are walking around with your lady always remember matching up with her pace. Then always hold the door open for your lady this is the golden rule of manners.

Always be a Good Listener

young employee listening to a colleague what she is saying

When someone is saying something make eye contact with that person, if someone is in the middle of the sentence or middle of the conversation never interrupt them with some other unrelated topic. If you do want to interrupt them ideally interrupt them when you are trying to add something more to what they are saying and if you really want to talk about something else or you want to go someplace just say sorry I need to go to the washroom and come back and start with the same conversation. Most importantly when someone is saying something listens to the conversation and if you are in the middle of
the conversation and you don’t really know what to say just ask them the question related to the same topic that you were discussing.

Try to be Meticulous

young college boy smiling which is depicting to be nice with everyone

Always remember this proverb “You will catch more flies with honey than with Vinegar” It basically means that you should be a sweeter person in general and eventually people will come towards you more and help you more. Always try being that person you never judges anyone from how they look or how they behave. Above all have a positive outlook towards the world remove judgment from your mind, remove negative emotions towards other people in your mind. If you have a positive outlook and you are genuinely a good person there is nothing more attractive than that. There is nothing more women find attractive than a clean heart.
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If you have learned something from the blog then please comment down below what is the one thing that you have learned. Till then stay blessed

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