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Celebrate the Festival of Light with Classy Things

Celebrate the Festival of Light with Classy Things

Diwali which is one of India’s most awaited and largely celebrated festival around the world. Diwali is also known as Deepavali which means a festival of lights or a row of lights. The whole country is lighted up with diyas and firecrackers and every house is filled with love, laughter, and joy, etc

The origin of Diwali

”Preparation of Diwali by Designing Customized Rangoli and Placing beautiful Diyas

Diwali mainly originated with several tales but the main story is the triumph of good over evil when Lord Ram destroyed the devilish King Ravana. While some of the devotees believe that it is a celebration for the goddess of wealth which is known as Goddess Laxmi which brings health, wealth, and prosperity. On the other hand in various parts of India honor the dark goddess of strength which is Goddess Kali. Diwali holds special importance in other religions as well for example in the religion of Jainism it marks as the event of lord Mahavir attaining the eternal bliss of Nirvana.

Diwali is also a time for introspection a time to revisit once thoughts, words, actions so that you can get rid of the darkness or the negativity that dwells within you and by doing so you can make your life more positive and fulfilling. Diwali is a festival that spreads to five days.

What are those five days known as

”Celebrating Diwali by Burning some Fire Crackers and enjoying the festival of lights

Dhanteras – This day is considered a new financial year for many merchants. Dhanteras is also taken as a prosperous day a good time to purchase silver, steel, or maybe even gold.

Narak Chaturdashi – People rise early on this day as early as 3 am in the morning. On this day there is a unique bathing process that is followed which is the woman of the house bath with a mix of ayurvedic herbs and also with scented oils. The area is filled with the sound of firecrackers and stops only after the sunrise. The entire day is spent hosting friends, relatives, and neighbors exchanging sweets and gifts.

Lakshmi Pujan – It is very important to clean the house on Diwali because it is believed that the Goddess Laxmi which is the Goddess of prosperity and wealth only visits those houses which are orderly and clean. Therefore on this day, Laxmi Puja is done.

Padwa – This day is the celebration of the precious bond between the husband and wife. The wife prays for the long and happy life of his husband. It is almost mandatory for the husband to give some gifts to their wife on this beautiful day.

Bhai Dooj – This day is devoted to sharing the love bond between brother and their sisters. The occasion involves sisters praying for well being and prosperity of their brothers on the other hand brothers take the oath to protect their sister and to gift them with some lovely presents.

Indeed Diwali is a beautiful festival which brings lots of love, joy, happiness, and prosperity but what if, we say that in this Diwali you can not only bring joy and happiness but you can double the happiness of this beautiful festival by giving something which is very precious and valuable.

Allow me to tell you the secret.

Girl placing finger on her lips depicting that there is some secret which no one knows about

When you gift your loved one on a festive day let that gift be the customized gift. The gift which is customized directly resonates with the person because that person knows you have invested lots of time, effort thinking about them.

There are many cliche customized gifts available in the market but the customized gifts market is far more than that. You can visit a customized gifting page to understand the fathom of it.

At the crux of Diwali, Diwali is known for sharing gifts with your loved one make this beautiful festival more beautiful by sharing some really awesome customized gifts. You will definitely see the difference. Let us pray that this Diwali not only lights up our house but also our hearts. This Diwali makes sure you gift some classy gifts with Classy Things.

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