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Buying Photo Frames on Classy Things? Don’t Forget to Consider These Points!

Buying Photo Frames on Classy Things? Don’t Forget to Consider These Points!

Nothing quite compares to a beautiful piece of art that showcases a precious memory for you. But preserving these memories and displaying them in your abode can somewhat be a challenge.

With the perfect photo frame, you can redefine your memories as well as the content of your photograph, and make sure that your beloved picture gets the honor and recognition it truly deserves.

With so many amazing options available on Classy Things, personalized photo frame can be a difficult task. In this blog, we will guide you through essential points you need to consider while buying photo frames online.

Let’s get started!

1.Carefully consider what you want to frame

Your journey to finding the best customized photo frame starts with this question. If you are framing something that’s irreplaceable, you have to choose a frame that can preserve your photograph for a lifetime.

Cheap ready-made frames can provide a temporary solution for less important items, but they can’t do justice to something that’s so precious to you.

If you are framing a photograph that’s very sentimental, for example your newborn’s photograph, you need a high quality custom frame that will accentuate the beauty of the moment you have captured.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to consider the thickness of the photo you plan to frame. Are you framing a flat sheet or something very thick, like a canvas? If you want to frame a canvas, look for a shadow box frame that can gracefully fit the dimensions of your work.

2. The style of frame

It is very important that you choose a frame type that suits well to the space you plan to hang it as well as the image that will sit inside it. While choosing the frame type, you need to pay special attention to its detailing and the color combination it portrays.

You can twin your frame with the colors that reflect in your artwork so that it complements the content of the image.

Most of the high-quality customized photo frames are made with either metal or wood. Wooden photo frames give a more traditional look and feel and can make for an elegant furniture in your space. Metal or solid frames, obviously, will be very heavy, so you will have to make sure the hooks and the wall you choose to hang it on can handle the weight.

If you are looking to buy metal frames under a budget, we suggest you go for aluminium frames. They will give your space a modern, minimalistic outlook and the best part is they are both lightweight and durable.

Both these frame types come in a variety of designs. Simply check out Classy Things to choose your favourite type.

3. The size of the frame

Most times, people don’t emphasize much on the frame size. But when you are buying a customized photo frame online, size plays a key role in it. If you have a canvas, you have to accurately measure all its dimensions, so you get the perfect frame for your picture.

If you are looking to make a photo collage in one of your walls, you will know it is difficult to frame them as compared to one big, single frame.

One of the best ways you can circumvent this problem of adding matting is to add depth, character and to your art piece. If you want to include a board in mat, then you can allow a quarter of an inch worth’s overlap to put up your photo. By doing this, you can prevent exposure and make sure the matting does not fall out.

Another important thing you need to consider is how you wish to orient your art. Do you want to display it as a landscape or as a portrait? After you have picked in that, the next step will be to take down all the measurements precisely.

4. Photo measurement tips

First measure the height and the width of the picture or canvas you wish to frame. Be very sure you are not mixing up different units of measurement. If you wish to frame a thicker item, be sure to measure the depth of your artwork as well so that it sits well into the frame.

 5. Glass or acrylic glazing

The glaze is the piece that will cover the frame and your artwork. Your choice of glazing will magnify the appearance of your photo.

Glazing usually comes in two different forms- glass and acrylic. Glass is the most commonly used type as it protects your photo as well as provides a clear finish. But just like other glasses, it can easily break.

Acrylic is pretty like glass but is light weight, highly durable and not as brittle as glass glazing.

You will also have to pick a good ‘finish’ for your frame to complete. You can either opt for a clear finish or a non-glare finish type, which will slightly diffuse colours of your image.

You also have the option to choose anti-reflective, which features the best elements of both clear and non-glare finishes.

Why buy from Classy Things?

While most of the people choose to visit the store and buy a photo frame in person, it is better to purchase one online at Classy Things. When you buy from us, you can rest assured you’re getting the most reasonably priced product, not to mention you also save the time and the inconvenience of travelling to your nearby store.

At Classy Things, you can get all the services that you would get at your local photo frame store. We offer custom measurement solutions for your frame as well as provide quality mat boards to support the picture within. Just scan through the website and you will know the large variety of materials and design you can choose from for your special image. Plus, we offer an array of picture frame glass styles, which you are not likely to find at most of the retailers near you.

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