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Best Time to Gift is Now Christmas and New Year

Best Time to Gift is Now Christmas and New Year

It’s a never-ending festive season, We have enjoyed to the fullest in Navratri, Dusshera, Diwali and now it’s time for the end of the year celebration which is Christmas and finally New Year.

The main crucks of why this festival is celebrated is because the celebration of this festival is across the world and Christmas and New Year are celebrated by every religion without any discrimination of race and cast.

Therefore Christmas is celebrated on 25th of every December followed by New Year which is 1st January

Have you ever wondered from where did the word Christmas came into existence?

young girl thinking about how Christmas started

Let me tell you!!!

The name Christmas came from two words which means Mass of Christ. Mass is a Christian worship wherein wine and bread consecrated and shared. Basically, on that day

Christians remember that Jesus sacrificed his life for his people. This service which was known as Christ + Mass which is allowed to take place only when the sun sets and before the sunrise so many people used to offer the mass in the middle of the night. That’s how we get this beautiful and fantastic name which is shortened and now known as Christmas.

How a day spent celebrating Christmas look like?

decorated Christmas tree for the celebration of Christmas and new year

The most famous thing many people do on the day of Christmas is the most famous and widely known thing which is decorating their Christmas tree. Almost everyone brings a Christmas tree and decorates it according to their wish and desire it just creates the decorum of the house for Christmas. Another beautiful thing many people do on the day of Christmas is they exchange gifts with their loved ones. Almost everyone starts purchasing and decorating their house from the first week of December and it goes till the celebration of the new year. Many corporate employees or those who stay away from

their parents take leave for Christmas and new year and spend some quality time with their loved ones. Those who unfortunately can’t be with their loved ones due to some unavoidable circumstance tend to go out shopping or for some fine dining.

One of the beautiful things that you should notice on Christmas is the Christmas lights. People decorate their houses with some unique style Christmas lights and also with some religious posters.

Let’s see how New Year is celebrated.

New Year is the time of celebrating the bygone 365 days of that year and getting prepped and ready for what lies ahead for us. On New Year’s eve, everyone is in good spirits and optimistic about the coming future. If you ask is there is any right way to celebrate your new year. The answer to the question is no!

Why you may think?

It’s because it is your way of celebration which makes it unique you may choose how you want to celebrate your new year. You can be at your home with your loved ones and celebrate or you can go out and party with your friends. It’s all about how you feel and celebrate. The only thing that matters is that you should be very optimistic and feel positive for the coming year.

How you can make this festival a double bonanza of joy and happiness?

men and women happy about how they can double their happiness this Christmas and new year

Almost everyone expresses the way of their joy and happiness through gifts. Gifts play a very important role in everyone’s life. The kind of gift you give to someone determines how much you care about them. When the gift is personalized according to their desire then such a type of gift is the icing on the cake. You can anytime give them a personalized lamp.

Photo lamps can be used for decorating their house on their images with it. Apart from this on classy things, you find dozens of personalized gifts that will double your happiness this Christmas as well as on the new year.

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