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Best Guide of Formal Clothing for Men

Best Guide of Formal Clothing for Men

Office dressing which is commonly known as formal dressing comes down to a few and very simple rules which will change people’s perception of you. A lot of the time how you dress changes the way how people are going to perceive you. Especially people notice you when you go out for a formal event. If you dress up too casually people will not take you seriously and if you dressed up too formally like any other guy or girl in the room you are not gonna stand out in the crowd. You will come as a not well-dressed guy and you will not get noticed.

Let’s jump into it

How you can look great when you are going to a formal event or function

Before we dive deep into how you should wear your formal clothes. Firstly let us understand two types of formal looks

  • Traditional formals – In these dressing, the rules of wearing them are very simple and straight and you have to wear those types of especially if you are going to an old school office or event.
  • Business Casual – It is the type of dressing which is known as modern formals. In this dressing, you can play around with the rules and you will have more options to play around with

You must be wondering what are these rules?

Traditional Formals

man wearing traditional style formal black coat and pant

Shirts – If your office is extremely old school and you have to follow traditional rules then you have to follow these colors

  • White
  • Blue (shaded of blue)
  • Pink (shades of pink)

In all three cases, you have to wear lighter shaded of color because the office is a very daytime situation. Always remember for day time situations you wear lighter colors and for night time situations you wear darker color.

Always remember for office goers that you cannot wear half selves shirt you cant wear anything wherein there are too loud pattern and you also cant wear colors which are supersaturated. In old-school formal dressing, everything is very subtle and sober.

Business Casuals

man wearing business casual suit indicating class and style

If we take into consideration the pattern we can’t really wear a very loud patterned shirt but what we can wear is a very subtle pattern. In simple words, you don’t wanna wear something which is very eye-catching. As we have spoken earlier give priority to lighter shades but once in a while when it comes to business casuals you can wear a little bit for darker shades of shirts such as

  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Brown
  • Grey (shades of it)
    Always keep in mind that the above said rules will only apply to the new age formal offices or formal parties. These are very modern formal rules which may not apply in your office if your office is old school.

Till now we have covered shirts lets talk about the bottoms which are


The color which you should focus while purchasing a good pair of pants are

  • Brown
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Black
  • Navy Blue
    Also, keep in mind there are two types of formal pants the traditional pants which are commonly known as suits pants or trousers. These pants are very formal looking and you can wear those types of pants where is the event is super formal. A pro tip: Make your pants a little bit narrow from the bottom it makes you feel very sharper from the fashion point of view.
    But if you want to go towards more modern formal pants then you can definitely go for CHINOS: These pants are a combination of jeans and formal suit pants they are slightly casual looking cotton pants that are tight around your thigh area. A pro tip: A shade of your pant should be darker than the shade of your shirt. You don’t want to drag attention
    to your pants you want the attention at the top, not in the bottom.
    Let’s briefly speak about belts – It’s a big no if you are thinking to wear cotton belts. Always match the color of your belt with the color of your shoes it doesn’t have to be the exact match though but it can be a similar color. Always go for the leather belts or faux leather belts. The color you should focus on are
  • Dark Brown
  • Black

Now we will touch on the most important topic which is SHOES
Firstly always remember to match the color of your socks to the color of your shoes. The color of your shoes can be of the same shade as your pants or one shade darker than your pants.
If we talk about modern formal shoes then the shoe types you should purchase are

  • Brogues
  • Monk strap shoes
  • Dark color loafers

The last and the final rules for both men and women

”last piece of puzzle is left in the game which indicates the last rule left

When you are going for a big formal event it is highly recommended that you should go for customized wallets if your a man and customized clutches if you are a woman. What these will do is they will immediately make you stand out in the crowd and will enhance your look from the fashion point of view. If you are a guy or girl who thinks that it will not work try it out for once and you will definitely feel the difference in the function or the party.

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