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8 Unique Gifts Ideas That You Can Customize for Your Loved Ones for Any Occasion

8 Unique Gifts Ideas That You Can Customize for Your Loved Ones for Any Occasion

Having trouble finding the perfect present for the most important person in your life? Well, it is now time to think outside the box. Rather than scurrying off to the nearest store to find something ready-made, why not create something on your own, like a personalized photo clock, and present it to your loved one? Over here, we have created a list of some eccentric personalized gift ideas that will help you find something special for any occasion. Items like personalized photo wall clocks, customized clocks with photos, or cross-stitched portraits never fall out of fashion. Here’s what you can present to your loved one at any time of the year:

1. Personalized Photo Frames

Be it a birthday, anniversary, or just a regular date night, a personalized photo frame will always remain a special gift to materialize a memorable moment and capture it for the rest of your life.

2. Custom Wooden-engraved Boxes

This is one unique, literally out of the box gift idea that your partner will truly love. You can engrave a simple wooden box with words that mean the most to the two of you and this box can serve as a useful storage item or almost anything. Pair this lovely box with your partner’s favourite flowers and you will have them love you a little more.

A gift like this is not only easy on pockets but it also portrays you as a very thoughtful and considerate person.

3. A Mini Lego Figure

Who doesn’t like mini Legos these days? If your partner is a big fan of Legos then there’s nothing quite like this gift. With a little hunting and searching, you can find a miniature Lego figurine that resembles your partner. If you are still unable to find something similar then you can simply have it custom made for your special eve.

4. A Birthstone Bar Necklace

One of the most stunning gifts that will surely tug at the heart, this piece of jewellery is well suited for both men and women alike.

Take your partner’s birthstone and personalize it into a stunning neckpiece. You can have it fixed in a fancy pendant. But be sure to choose a pendant that’s slightly larger so that you can engrave something meaningful in it. This special engraving will make your gift all the more thoughtful. And what more, with a birthstone that is both bright and stunning, you will truly make your partner happy.

5. Personalized Photo Lamps

If you are tired of having the most basic traditional things decorating your house, it is time for an upgrade. Ditch the usual night-side lamp and replace it with a personalized photo lamp to add a touch of something extra as well as unique to your house.

You can print anything you like on the lamp – put a picture of you two, print your favourite quote, put a picture of your pet- the choices are truly endless. A custom bottle lamp is a unique gift idea that you won’t easily find around in most people’s houses.

6. Personalized Chocolates

If none of the above-mentioned ideas stir anything within you, then don’t worry, because we have something perfect and easy for a gift option.

Chocolate is something that never goes out of fashion. They have been an essential item in the gifting business, because hey, how can someone hate chocolates? Sweet moments forever call for a sweet mouth.But to add a little personalized touch to your bar of chocolate, you can simply add a special quote or message to your bar of chocolate. You can write happy anniversary, draw hearts, write something meaningful, or whatever you want to make it special for your close one.

To add a little something to this simple gift idea, you can pair it with a bouquet and voila, it will be hands down a sweet present that both of you can relish at the time.

7. Get a Photo Clock Personalized

You cannot find a gift that is as useful yet as meaningful for your house.

You can find plenty of options to buy stunning photo clocks online. Once you have selected your pick, all you have to do is customize it with your favourite photo and your gift is ready.

It is useful, it is personalized, and it is an essential item that will always grace the walls of your house. Not to mention, because it is a clock, almost everyone will at least glance at it once a day, so you can rest assured it will never get ignored.

If you’re looking for some amazing ideas that can put a customized clock with a photo, simply visit Classy Things to find a selection of the best photo clocks online at the tap of your fingers.

8. Personalized Cushions

Although little cheesy, personalized cushions still hold a dedicated spot when it comes to gifting something customized to your close ones. The best part about cushions is you can put them up to use in many different areas. For instance, it can grace on your couch, on a special chair, or simply on your bed. What more, it can be used as a decorative object for your home or you can also gain comfort out of it.

If you want to reduce the cheesy bit, customize the pillow with a fancy quote instead of a picture of the two of you together to make it an awesome custom gift option for your partner.


These were some of the most popular gifting options that can easily fit any occasion. To find more custom gift options, simply navigate through Classy Things and find something that perfectly suits your needs.

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