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3D or 2D customization which is better and why?

3D or 2D customization which is better and why?

With the recent shift in consumer behavior, it is now clearly evident that online shopping is increasing drastically and with the now ongoing virus situation, it is seen that online shopping has been increased phenomenally due to COVID 19. But since the inception of online selling the lack of touch and feel factor for the consumer is always a challenge and many big e-commerce giants are thinking new ways to overcome this challenge.

However, with the recent technology advancement, an alternative is represented by the name of 2D and 3D visualization.

Many online big retailers spend a huge amount of money on marketing activities in order to win the trust of their customers. However, winning trust is not the only thing that is required in today’s competitive market. A limitation still exists when it comes to buying online which is a lack of product customization for example such as bags, clutches, wallets, cardholders, etc.

To tackle this limitation a new tech comes into play that is 2D and 3D visualization where it offers the buyer to see the product in the most realistic way possible.

Some of you might think what the heck is 2D ? to explain in a layman terms 2D visualization is made of static images therefore which is in two dimensions which in fact makes the visualization partial for the customer.

On the contrary 3D preview is much more realistic which shows the product in 360 degrees adding more advantages to our customers and fulfilling the gap which was there because of the 2D dimension.

But that doesn’t mean that 2D is obsolete and we must shift towards that technology which has 3D customization. In many cases, 2D customization is used when the product you are selling has low variants. On the opposite side, 3D customization is used when the product has numerous variations.
For example to help our readers understand better think of a real estate brochure in this case you don’t require 3D customization but while looking for a flat 3D customization is a must.

Yellow color light blub depicting interesting fact

An interesting study was conducted on high net worth individuals analyzing their shopping behavior.
Among 100 people from the sample size, 48 people considered purchasing a product which is customizable according to their need and wants.

That is where our classy things come into play we at classy things understand the consumer needs and want and customize our product according to it. We have a huge range of customized products from passport covers to T-shirts.

None the less we all are pretty much aware of 2D customization so without wasting any more time we will directly jump into explaining the advantages of the new technology which is 3D

Let’s get into it!!!

Understanding of the product –

The 3D element helps the customer to understand the product in great detail even if the product is complex. In the case of an interactive element, users have a complete vision of the product which is one of the major factors that influence decision making.

Using the 3D technology consumer have a free hand to interact with the product such as they can play with the product, zoom out, zoom in, and also view it from all angles which in turn have a positive impact on the decision making of the customer.

Great customer interaction –

man using augmented reality device to explore a product or service

The majority of the customer express their willingness to interact with the product in this way, therefore, they become more involved and can be pushed to look for more information which increases the chances to buy the product.

The number of configurations is unlimited –

silver color beam of lights representing unlimited variations in the product

3D configurators are much flexible and which in turn allows the customer to customize the product according to their choices. A product that does not have many variations in it will not recognize the importance of 3D configurations.

Customer satisfaction –

girl being satisfied and delighted by the shopping she has done

t has been observed that the satisfaction of the customer who purchases a product by using3D customization is more satisfied in the future when compared to the normal 2D customization.

Use of augmented reality –

finger touch representing the possibility of augmented reality in the product customization

One of the hottest trends in the e-commerce world is the use of augmented reality. AR consolidates customer engagement by offering a personalized experience to them. The growth of AR is on the surge because of the current pandemic situation wherein major brands are using AR technology to connect with their customer for eg Sephora is using AR technology to help the consumer for customization of their product which is a makeup and beauty products.

3D customization creates a unique user experience –

puzzle cube illustrating 3D technology is in the recent trends

The feeling of uniquely designing your product changing it according to their wish and finally receiving the final product altogether creates a unique experience that is worth remembering. Therefore we are moving towards more and more customized and personalized products and services and moving further away from one fit for all types of mentality.

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