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10 Best gifting Ideas for Valentine’s Day

10 Best gifting Ideas for Valentine’s Day

During the pandemic time, we understand if you cannot take your significant other out for a fancy dinner this Valentine’s day. But that shouldn’t hold you back from getting an excellent V-day present for your partner.

Now, if you are struggling hard to think of something fun and creative to gift your loved one, that’s okay. Choosing the perfect gift can be tough, especially when it is for someone so special.

We are here to help you out with some excellent Valentine’s Day gifting ideas that you don’t let down the most special person in your life.

How can I make Valentine’s day special?

If you are unsure about where to start with the gift-hunting, just glance through our curated guide. We’ve put together a list of items you can gift as presents to your loved one that fits in your budget and are easy to find as well!

1 .Watch

You don’t have to ransack every gift store near you to find the perfect present. Just be thoughtful, consider your partner’s likes and dislikes, and find something suitable. A wristwatch can never go out of fashion. Depending on your partner’s preferences you can either gift a digital watch or a classic analog watch to make this day special and memorable.

In fact, you can also get a couple’ watch set so both of you can twin and show off your love to the world!

2. Flowers

Gifting a bouquet of flowers isn’t new on Valentine’s day, but they are always very nice. And who said flowers have to be boring! You can make any kind of bouquet, lavish or subtle, as you deem fit. You can also make a bouquet containing your partner’s favorite sweets and present it as a Valentine’s gift!

3. Food

Do you feel sad you can’t have a fancy dinner out this V-day?

 Don’t worry, we have just the right idea to uplift your mood. Instead of going out to eat, create a lavish dinner at your home! Order a romantic heart-shaped cake, decorate your house’s seating area with dim, twinkling lights, and have a fancy V-day dinner right into your home!

4. A bath and shower oils set

If your bae loves sweet-smelling essentials, you ought to buy them this. This is a wonderful gift because it will make you look thoughtful and you will know for a fact that they will actually be using it.

The scent of aromatic oils and incense can be very relaxing and refreshing, yet not overpowering or subtle.

5. Photo frame

A customized photo frame may not sound like a big present, but it can surely be something heart-touching and romantic. Imagine giving your loved one a special photo frame that encloses a picture with both of you in the frame.

Now depending on your partner’s taste, you can either pick an antique photo frame or you can also buy something that’s modern and contemporary. You can also buy a digital photo frame and install a slide of some of your best pictures in it. We’re sure your partner will love this!

6. Custom phone case

If there’s one thing people cannot live without, then it has to be their mobile phones? We understand buying a mobile may be out of budget at times, but you can surely buy a mobile case. Better, you can even customize the phone case to make it even more special for your partner.

Look for a case that is durable, offers great design, and doesn’t feel too bulky when in the palm.

7.      Morse code necklace

What is a romantic gift that isn’t too cheesy as well as unique?

It has to be none other than a morse code necklace. These necklaces are simple, beautifully designed along with a touch of mystery.

If you are looking for something subtle, something special, and something that only you two can decipher, then a morse code necklace indeed is an excellent V-day gift option.

You can either put ‘I love you’ or a special phrase that you two often use in the form of morse code.

In fact, just like a set of watches, you can get two of these necklaces so that both of you can wear them.

8. Customized t-shirts    

Yes, we know it isn’t exactly something that’s out of the box, but to this day, customized tees have held relationships together and how. You can either print a picture of you two on the top or print a special phrase that means a lot to both of you.

9.  An instant camera

While smartphones today offer excellent quality images but there’s something uniquely nostalgic about old-fashioned cameras that give you instant pictures.

These cameras are a perfect gift for your significant other. They can easily fit into your bag and you can carry them wherever you are going. Say no to bulky cameras, wasting money on films, and constantly adjusting the camera setting with these instant mini cameras!

10.  Smartphone projector

Do you know the beauty of a smartphone projector? With this useful device, you too can have your own, special movie night wherever you want. All you got to throw in is some freshly popped, buttery bucket of popcorn, a cozy blanket, and lots of pillows. That’s all you need and bam, you have the perfect date night!

It’s a great gift for Valentine’s day and you can imagine how useful and entertaining this piece of the machine can be, isn’t it?


We hope you have a slightly better idea of what can be a suitable gift option for your partner this Valentine’s day. On you can find some more cool, customizable gift options for your love in the form of keychains, gift cards, pouches, laptop bags, etc.

If you are still clueless, we suggest you go with your intuition. You know your partner better than anyone. At times, a simple and sweet hand-written card can do wonders that even the most expensive presents achieve.

So don’t overthink and just go with what you think is the best.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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